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0010_title2 0020_Dsc00525 An Udo and Jen Welcome 0030_Jiff Geoff: First things first... 143_4300 Get some wheels... 143_4305 ...a place to stay.... 143_4310 (complete with Pyrenean mountain dog) 143_4311 ...and head out flying 143_4340 Air traffic control 143_4342 Take off 143_4344 The Tuchan rigde, plenty of space for all 143_4349a_Tuchan The site from a great height, with the Castles of Queribus and Peyrepetuse in the distance 143_4349b Geoff gives himself a pep talk 143_4350 John le Chappeau, weighed down with wallet 143_4351 ...but then it's up, up, and away 143_4352 ...momentarily 143_4355 The Tuchan valley 143_4358 'Over' taking 143_4359 Being undertaken 143_4364 The end of the ridge 143_4366 Yes, your bum *does* look big in that 143_4370 Stuggling back upwind 143_4372 Heading out over the valley to pick up a cloud... 143_4372b ...but the lack of lift means a steady glide down... 143_4374 the nearest bar 143_4376 Next day 143_4376b At the Gite 143_4376c Breakfast with Madame Aude, Rodene le chien 143_4377 ...and one of Geoff's many roomies 143_4377c Rodene stays guard, whilst we head out for... 143_4378 ...Peyrepetuse Castle 143_4378b Waiting to take off can be a lonely business... 143_4378c ...even with the support of a full ground crew
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