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144_4460 Paris, October 2005 144_4461 Introducing Ruth, Atilla & Lucy... 144_4462 ..and Bettina,  at this famous landmark... 144_4463_NotreDamme4 Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris 144_4464b 144_4465 Inside, gazing up.... 144_4466 Every pictue tells a story (but not ones we know) 144_4467 
144_4477b Ambling down quiet back streets, looking for.... 144_4480_3_Galettes ... lunch 144_4481 The fountain at Saint Michel-Notre Dame 144_4482 144_4482b Welcome to... 144_4483 Marie's country residence.... 144_4484 ...La Barbannerie 144_4484a Marie, the birthday girl 144_4484b Long range cooking 144_4484c Elegant staircases... 144_4484d ...indoor balconies 144_4485 Meanwhile, the court gets a brushing down... 144_4486 pour jouer au tennis 144_4488 Milongueros preparing for another late night: A few moments of peace before heading out... 144_4489 ...to the party ! 144_4489b Someone has to make the first cut
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