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P1000100 May 2007 P1000110 Osaka P1000115 P1000120 P1000130 P1000140 P1000150 Mathieu and Philippe P1000160 ? P1000337 Metropolis P1000338 P1000339 P1000350 The Umeda Sky building... P1000351 ...which models itself on a space station launch site P1000355 P1000357 P1000359 P1000360 P1000365 big monster P1000366 2nd Prize: Lucky plate set ! P1000367 4th Prize:  Lucky Diary ! curious pictures P1000370 Cook your own udon noodle P1000371 slurping de rigeur P1000375 Kobe floods in to meet the hills P1000377 Our hotel, the Crown Plaza
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