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Glastonbury 2005

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141_4100 So, I eventually managed to get a ticket 141_4123 On the first night, we all kicked back on the warm summers evening... 141_4124 ...watching the sun set on the eve of the festival 141_4129 And then it rained...And rained...And rained... 141_4130 The water couldn't soak into the ground, baked hard by weeks of sun 141_4130b Soon there were rivers 141_4131 Many rivers 141_4132 Some people tried to save their tents from the torrents 141_4132a Many were just abandoned 141_4132b In places, whole fields were submerged 141_4132c The tents like islands immersed amidst the flotsam and jetsam 141_4133 A reveller pays tribute with one trouser at half mast 141_4134 Damp footed festival goers form mile long queues for wellies 141_4134b Couples were easily to spot with their matching kags and boots... 141_4137 ...blue plastic ponchos and yellow all-in-ones 141_4142 But it wasn't bad news for everyone 141_4144 It looked almost tropical 141_4145 Despite hell and high water, people made it to the shops 141_4145b It was a time to reflect, to ponder 141_4145c Some braved the floods to reach vital supplies 141_4145d Meanwhile back at the tent, Dan prepares to bail out 141_4145e Andy's about to snap 141_4145f Sal runs out of loo roll 141_4145g And Bridge works on her poise 141_4145h The upwind neighbours entertained us with bubbles... 141_4145j ...which tasted great in our pasta 141_4145k Then it's after dinner exercises before heading out for the evening 141_4146 141_4146b Glastonbury never fails to provide interesting juxtapositions 141_4147a 141_4147c A re-arranged rover 141_4148
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